Company history

March 2016 Opening of Foodx Japan2016.

November 2016 Kyoto food ceremonial contest “Kyoto vegetable oil” Best award (winner of the Governor Prize)

July 2017 Establishment of Kyoto Statement Co., Ltd.

NPO corporation Kyoto Women Entrepreneurs’ Council Delegate manufacturing rights and sales rights of “Kyoto vegrtable oil” to Kyoto story corporation

July 2017 Establishment of Kyoto Statement Co., Ltd.

Today, September 2017 Contribution Fund support business entrusted

2017 The 39th Meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Good Practice Home Food and Food Central Competition Domestic Agriculture and Forest Products Use Category Food Industry Center Chairman’s Award

October 2017 Kyoto Agricultural & Industrial Cooperation Support Fund Assistance Grant Contract entrusted

December 2017 We started Development and sale of regional brand Kyotanba · Takeno vegetable oil

March 2018 Contract and sales started with Takashimaya Co., Ltd.

May 2018 Contract and sales started with Innovun Co., Ltd.

May 2018 Heisei 30 May May Small business sustainability subsidy (National Federation of Commerce Associations)

September 2018 Step-up Grant Project entrusted (Kyotanba Chamber of Commerce)

September 2018 Gourmet & Dining Style Show Autumn 2018 New Product Contest Second Prize Received

It reaches the present.